Effortless Office Virtual End-of-Year Party

Our goal is to make IT Effortless.  After a very, shall we say, unique year of 2020, we have put in a lot of hard work toward achieving that goal.  We wanted to bring 2020 to a successful end with a celebration… but a company dinner was out of the question, and a holiday zoom party didn’t really inspire excitement… so what to do?

Well, we did what we do best, used IT to solve real business problems like:  how to enable our teams to tell stories and laugh together; create memories through unexpected connections; and engage in conversations that would foster our company culture… all in an exciting and memorable way.

Friday, the Effortless Office family successfully navigated that new way of bonding… through VR. To celebrate the hard work from each department, and announce awards for 2020, we had attendees hop on an Oculus, and explore a private, End-of-Year, party space together. By shooting hoops, playing trivia games and laughing at goofy virtual glitches – the team enjoyed trying something new and got to share in numerous real, meaningful conversations that nourished our remote company culture. A big congratulations to our award winners, and a special mention to Mark Gavin for receiving Employee of the Year.

If you want to hear more about our company’s virtual holiday party, reach out, we’d love to share our experience