Determining the Cost Savings of DaaS

Determining the Cost Savings of DaaS

When you purchase a laptop or desktop computer for an employee, it’s discouragingly out of date within just a few months, and it progressively slows and becomes buggier as it ages. That’s just one of the reasons why many enterprises are turning to Desktop as a Service (DaaS) as a way to reduce the overall cost of computing. The cost savings of DaaS come in a variety of forms:

Minimal initial investment: While you might pay at least several hundred dollars for that laptop, the initial capital investment for DaaS is low or non-existent. Instead of utilizing your servers, DaaS simply needs an internet connection to access the computing power of the business cloud services provider you’re working with.

Instead of using a computer that gets slower as it ages, your performance will simply depend on the speed of your internet connection and the reliability of that provider.

Updates and maintenance are handled by the provider: The cost savings of DaaS are increased by the ability of IT to completely step away from the update process. The business cloud services provider handles all updates, and there’s no interruption to work. Many end users won’t realize there’s an update happening.

The handling of maintenance by the provider also reduces the burden on your IT team. That way, instead of focusing on keeping the lights on, the IT professionals in your organization can focus on the innovation and strategic measures associated with digital transformation and creating a better customer experience. Their time is better spent on helping to drive objectives that allow you to outpace competitors and create new revenue streams.

You’ll also save in terms of cooling, hosting and powering an infrastructure, since the cloud provider handles all of this.

Improved productivity: When a member of your team is on a business trip or even just out of the office for a day, it can create a bottleneck on any projects they’re involved in. With DaaS, employees can access systems no matter where they are, and no matter the time of day, as long as they have an internet connection and a valid log-in. The employee is no longer tied to their physical computer. The cost savings of DaaS aren’t just about the monthly invoice; long-term implications are more broad and difficult to measure, but you’ll see a difference.

Security savings: One of the cost savings of DaaS is related to improved security. The cost of a breach can be staggering, and it often occurs due to outdated patches or updates that were not completed correctly. Making sure all vulnerabilities are secure due to patches and updates on a traditional on-premise system is nearly impossible, but with DaaS, it’s all handled automatically by the provider.

If you would like to know more about the broader list of benefits that DaaS offers in an IT setting like yours, contact us at Effortless. We deliver maximum security, maintain excellent uptime rates and can help you escape the cycle of outdated desktops.