The Changing Role of the CIO and the Emergence of Cloud

The Changing Role of the CIO and the Emergence of Cloud

By Randy Muyargas – Vice President, Information Security & Technology for WorkCare

As we continue to integrate the cloud, it won’t be long before we become accustomed to the benefits it brings and take it for granted. Just like how electricity, fax machines, phones, and WiFi used to provide a competitive advantage for businesses, now they’re simply a part of our landscape of work. Without them, you can’t be in business. Like a conveyor belt, it all keeps moving.

Similarly, the cloud used to provide a competitive advantage through two main components: cloud-based applications (such as Salesforce, Smartsheet, Payroll, and others) and having an entire network infrastructure and servers in the cloud. The latter has now become a way for businesses to put their whole computing operations in the cloud. It still provides an advantage, but it will – or at least it should – become part of the landscape of work for businesses.

So how does this transition into the cloud change the role of the CIO and benefit smaller businesses while encouraging growth?

Executive Level IT as Part of a Landscape With Effortless

Having a cloud environment like Effortless host your entire infrastructure can open the door to new opportunities and allow room for growth. Instead of having an IT person or team entirely dedicated to security, outsourcing it and moving it to the cloud will enable you to focus on what really matters. Not only will it be more cost-effective, but you can stop worrying about it entirely.

At WorkCare, our executive-level IT is now more high level and more strategic thanks to Effortless. Having them host our network infrastructure has allowed us to shift our attention to adding value to the company. Our team is now freed to look outward and onwards, not inwards into the company.

Before the cloud, executive-level IT were bound by their responsibility of keeping the lights on. Now, they’re given the opportunity to become a part of the strategic thinking of the company and help find the next advantage, technology, or solution while it’s still a competitive advantage provider.

Take the Leap to the Cloud

Although the cloud has been in use since the late 90s, the world’s infrastructure has not caught up yet. Therefore, it’s time to consider cloud in your business. Choosing a concierge experience like Effortless will help your business stay relevant and focused on growth.