Should You Consider Desktop as a Service for Cyber Security?

Should You Consider Desktop As A Service for Cyber Security


Desktop as a service (DaaS) is known for its convenience angle; if you’re ever away from your desk, you have access to all the files you’d normally have as if your desktop were wherever you happen to be. But there’s another angle to DaaS that organizations are considering more and more: the unexpected benefits to security.

Cloud-based reputation.

DaaS is a cloud-based system, and users have been suspicious of cloud-based systems since they emerged. Thus, DaaS providers have had to deliberately, and visibly, beef up security to fight misconceptions and gain a market. Because data and applications are in the cloud with DaaS, they aren’t vulnerable to the breaches that so often take place at the edge of the network.

Reduced dependence on endpoints. “Ever lose a laptop on a business trip? Leave a tablet in an Uber ride?” asks Effortless founder and CEO, Ben Gayheart. “What about twice in one week? I know I have! But for me, and our clients, that is not a huge loss. If that’s your desktop, then all those files are lost for good, or possibly stolen.”

With DaaS, the desktop and its assets are kept in the cloud, away from the endpoints. This makes the device merely an access point for the desktop instead of the desktop itself.


With mounting compliance concerns, it’s important to consider how DaaS can offload these requirements and reduce risk. Data breaches often take place at the edge of the network. So, DaaS is an attractive security option because data and applications reside in the cloud, rather than on vulnerable end-user devices. DaaS also helps alleviate another challenge associated with BYOD by enabling a consistent set of security controls across mobile devices, regardless of operating system or hardware.

Finally, cloud service providers typically have far greater security resources available to them than in-house IT staff. Thus, DaaS customers can leverage the security expertise of their service providers to improve their security and compliance posture.

Ransomware’s teeth pulled. We all know ransomware’s biggest threat is the ability to take our hardware and lock it down, to be possibly restored to us when we pay the ransom required. If our data, however, is stored in a separate location, ransomware goes from a disaster to an inconvenience. The device used to access the data may be locked irretrievably, but the data itself is separate and safe. And if it finds its way to the virtual desktop, and you have a good provider, they can just roll you back a few hours in time, and it’s like nothing happened. Not so scary anymore, are you ransomware?

Burden of protection shifted. “Many companies are using their IT departments as IT security departments, as the SOC team, incident response team, and more! This leaves much to be desired in the way of checks and balances. It might work for some time, but it can be a real strain on already-stretched assets and valuable team members” says Gayheart. A well-built cloud system has its own defenses at the provider level, so your IT department can refocus its efforts. Additionally, the right DaaS provider can deliver amazing support for each user of the desktop in the cloud, addressing common issues from “How do I stop my out of office in MS Outlook” to “I need a new application installed.” This added support frees up IT staff from both attending to those needs and from worrying the staff may compromise the network.

When You’re Ready for Desktop-as-a-Service Operations

The combination of convenience and security makes DaaS doubly valuable, and when you’re ready for DaaS to help you improve your business, just get in touch with us at Effortless. With your Effortless Desktop, you can be sure that your desktop – and its related files and applications – are always on hand when and where you need them. And that your data will be housed in the most secure cloud environment in the world. Contact us today to learn more.